24th, 25th, and 26th MAY 2019


Hash Name

Home Hash

#Big Package Milton Keynes
Alice North Hants
Amnesia Bicester
Andrew Oliver Oxford
Angaze Marlow H3
Archie Hemming Spa
Beetroot Norfolk
Blazing Saddles Spa
Bomber Truro H3
Bus Stripper Bicester
Cat Nap R2D2 H3
CD Milton Keynes
Cheeky Girl Rutland H3
Cheesy Bicester
Chunderos Surrey
Cleavage Spa
Clipperty Clogs Bicester
Cl’Oysters Edinburgh
Commerical Whale North Hants
Creeper Bicester
Crusty Ring MKH3
Cunning Linguist Bicester
Daffy Old Coulsdon
Dil Doh IOW
Dimspark Bicester
Dingaling Bicester
Dipstick Oxford
Dirty Stop Out Rutland
Dishy Goolies Truro
Dormobile Bicester
Double Top Cambridge
Dr Doolittle Bullmoon H3
Dr Foster Cheltenham & Cotswold
Dr Z Ebley Full Moon
El Rave Cambridge H3
ET Bicester
Fanny Fresh Spa
Fracas IOW
Friction Burns MKH3
Fucking Rolf Bicester
Fucking Skippy Bicester
Geri IOW
Gluewien Bicester
Gobshite Spa
Grandma Dyson Spa
Grunt Bicester
Her Fault Rutland
Hooker IOW
Hub Caps Cheltenham & Cotswold
ISaw Bicester
Jack Jack Spa
Jayne Crawford Bicester
Kip Bicester
Knead Dunno H3
Lemming SODOFF
L’etcher Bicester
Little Bear Grenada
Lobby Lobster Herts
Mad Max MK Bull Moon
Maraschino Bicester
Mark E Mark Herts
Martini Cheltenham & Cotswold
Mounted Spa
Mr Stiffy Rutland
Mr X Full Moon
Mumblehead Herts
My Lil’ Full Moon
Nic The Prick Spa H3
Nice Flaps MK
Nipples Bicester
Nose Job MK Bull Moon
Numpty IOW
Nutella Bicester
Oates IOW
Paparazzi Cambridge H3
Paxo Herts
Pheasant Plucker Bicester
Poor Sod IOW
P-Rick IOW
Prickly Bush Spa H3
Private Parts Ebley Fullmoon H3
Psychodelic London City
Pukahontas Bristol H3
Racing Snake Rutland
Rasher Bicester
Red Devil Cheltenham & Cotswold
Road Enema
Robo the human hand Cheltenham & Cotswold
Rubber Johnny MK
Screech Bicester
Shirt Lifter Spa
Shit Stix Bicester
Simple Guildford
Sir Clugs Cebu, Philippines
Slush Pussie Milton Keynes
Soggy MK Bull Moon
Speed Humper Barnes
Spingo Surrey
Splash Mischief
StrapOn MK
Stretch Severn Valley
Suction IOW
Thrifty Gaffer Bicester
Tina Cherry Bicester
Titanic Dickhead MKH3
TurnPike Bicester
Twinkle Toes C2H3
Twonk Ancients Britons
Unmentionable Ancients Britons
Utter Buttocks Milton Keynes
Vacant Spa
Who Killed Kenny London
Winklesplitz Barnes
Wriggle Bull Moon
X Titch Bicester
Yazi Milton Keynes