Monday 19th June, Trail # 2527. Gadget is our hare and the venue is The Plough, 9 High Street, Brackley NN13 7DW. Meet for a 7 pm start.

No batteries? This suggests that those cheating devices (are you listening, Tom Tom?) that guide us to footpaths and give directions will not be needed. Confidence indeed, lets hope Gadget has a lot of flour!

History shows us we have had some good trails from here, and the welcome back at the Plough afterwards is always warm and friendly. The ever smiling Gadget will try and confuse and lose us in the area he knows like the back of his hand but history also shows us that he sets a certain pattern of trail. So, bring your trigonometry sets with you and turn 90 degrees at every opportunity; trust the old adage of “Be there and /or be square”. You know what I mean.

Enjoyment is everything and the anticipation of being proven wrong by the foregoing assumption should heighten the pleasure of a hash trail in lovely summer weather. 

We have a hare and a trail; we have a venue; we have some good beers waiting for us; and above all we have our friends waiting back at the pub to laugh at our misdemeanours as they are highlighted in the circle.

It’s perfect; what’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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