Well Preying Mantis can! And she can also lay a trail!

Trail # 2515, Sunday 26th March, meet for an 11.00 off at the Bure Farm, Bure Park, Bicester OX26 3HA. Preying Mantis is your hare.

Our intrepid hare wil lay her first trail for Bicester and its going to be a good one. Ignoring any left-over blobs of flour from the OH3 trail a few weeks ago both PM and Good Egg will try and confuse and combobulate (not a real word Bondage) the already challenged minds of Bicester hashers. 

Asked recently ”which way does the trail go?” The answer was given in the enclosed photo.

It’s our final Sunday trail of the season, so lets be having you all out and enjoying yourselves; future Sunday mornings look bleak as you sullenly look at the list of all the repair jobs you have before you and now have no excuse for not doing.

But there is no excuse for avoiding this trail. Good beer, good friends and (I have it on good authority) good weather. Flat, dry etc etc..

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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