Monday 4th September, Trail # 2538. Dogloss is your hare from The Black Boy, Church Lane, Oving, Aylesbury, HP22 4HN. Meet for a prompt 7 pm start as the nights are drawing in!

We leave the lovely wetlands of Oxfordshire, scene of last weeks trail and head further eastwards into Buckinghamshire; there be hills there!

That’s correct, we are travelling up into the mountain range that protects Aylesbury from invaders, I believe up to the dizzying height of 160 metres.

Oving, or Ulfingas as it was know way back in history, is a gem of a village and the real jewel is the Black Boy pub. It really is a beautiful setting and will be a great place for you hashers to sit back and relax after the hard work of the trail.

Did I say hard work? Well, this is Dogloss’ trail and we all know what he’s like – or do we. Can the leopard change its spots?

You know the answer. Come with all your friends and family to feast on an evening of fun and entertainment from the start of the briefing to the end where the RAs take over; there may be some flour in between.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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