Our Origins
We were founded on 1st April 1974 by Ray Thornton, ex-JM of Singapore H3 and founder also of Commando Forces H3 (1969 – the very first hash in the UK but which now no longer exists so this makes Bicester the oldest weekly running hash in the UK). Ray, after he left Bicester, also went on to found Donnington, Aldershot and Looe & Liskeard H3s. (And prior to returning to the UK he had founded the second hash, but first major one,in Europe – the Dhekelia H3 in Cyprus in 1967.)

This website has been on the internet since September 1995.

Our Family Tree: We now have seven entirely separate local offshoots (below left):
 BUMs  Monkey Glands 1991
 MK & B Bike Bash  Wha de Say 1992
 Aquila  Jim Lad 1993
 Oxford  Daglocks 1999
 NOSH  Sniffer & Amnesia 2000
 PMT  Takeaway 2002
 TOSS FBJ, RTFuct & Far Canal 2004

In addition Bicester H3 members have founded the following hash chapters further afield – see right hand table.

 Donnington England  Ray Thornton 1976
 Malvern England  Iain/Graham Belton 1981
 Looe & Liskeard England  Ray Thornton 1982
 Shrivenham* England  Alan Brown/Sue Rollo 1982
 Haltern * Germany  Jim Ritchie 1986
 Dulmen * Germany  Jim Ritchie 1986
 Kigali † Rwanda  Lynn Williams 1996
 Puebla Mexico  Graham Belton 1997?
 Gispert Birthday England  Iain Belton 1999
Note: Tumbling Bill of Kuala Lumpur H3 has constructed a family tree of all the hashes in the world founded since 1938.