Step forward Clippe(r)ty Clogs and Dogloss, owners of this week’s trail. Having searched for a stable environment in which to throw flour the duo have plumped for the Blackbird at Croughton.

Trail #2558, The Blackbird Inn, 38 Hight Street, Croughton, NN13 5LT. Sunday 21 January. Meet for an 11.00 off!

Now, I’m prepared (as always) to be told that my information is incorrect as regards the hares. Last week I posted just Dingaling as hare, and was roundly and soundly informed that it was Dingaling AND Bondage. This week I’m taking no chances and including those well known twins as joint hares and I hope neither of them bridle at that situation.

Nice pub, nice beers, nice hares, nice trails, just nice nice nice. Within short drive for everybody concerned, – even Biggles Trevor Wright and Azzanife Aquila – so we hope to see a full house from everybody.

So, spare car keys at the ready 🤔, lets prepare ourselves for another fab outing of Bicester Hash.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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