Anxious to start the new hashing year at the top of the trail league, Dormie could hardly restrain himself at the AGM from stepping forward as the first entry on the Hare Razor’s list; welcome also to our new Hare Razor – Dogloss – and thanks to our outgoing Maraschino.

Pause a moment to reflect on the AGM, the trail etc. We had a great trail with Maraschino trying his damndest to get our trainers muddy. We had chips back at the pub – thanks Hand Job – and we had our AGM. Old out, new in (almost) but the core of our hash is strong. Subs now £3.00, a small raise after so many years. Thanks all round to the Miismanagement team.

We had virgin hashers join us, some runners, some walkers. More of that over the coming weeks. We had returners back from their holiday homes, we even had Titanic (Anto Cooper)join us. The message to all remains the same – WELCOME! 

So, next week we will see Dormie in an area he knows well. It’s a great area, and yet again we have a good pub for down downs and afters. Yes, your trainers will get muddy. Yes, he’s telling lies if he says its flat and dry. Yes it will be a great evening out.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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