Once upon a time there was a Morris dancing, folk singing local who lived in a remote village in deepest, darkest Banburyshire.

He used to venture out to forage for food with his daughter, but oft times they found themselves lost because the roads were poor and the signposts missing; times were tough.

So one day they had an idea that they would leave a trail of breadcrumbs to help guide them back to their home; but this is a tale of woe because the birds and beasts of the countryside came and ate their breadcrumbs and the unfortunate Sniffer and Sniffette were lost for days.

“Sod this for a lark” said Sniffer. “I get up early, bake the bread, scatter it for our trail – and its all for nothing; what a waste of time”. Sniffette, sensing Sniffer’s despair, thought long and hard. “How about cutting out all the mixing and kneading and baking, and just use the flour to guide us back?”

And so, ladies and gentlemen, hashing as we know it was born.

On Monday, the duo will try and recreate the original concept though I understand that they actually got lost a few times with the flour, a sort of false trail. I wonder if we will see that happening again?

Find out if this fairy story has a happy ending afterwards when you sit in an excellent pub with all the other friendly hobbits and exchange stories about the evenings events.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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