Monday 18th April; Trail #2466. The Nightingale, 10 Nightingale Pl, Bicester OX26 6XX. Your hares are Cheesy and Isaw and the off is at 7 pm.

Instead of a trail it seems more like a birthday celebraton as our two hares have just posted Happy Birthday wishes on FB; so, over to our new RAs for their decision.

But now back to the real business of the trail.

If you are expecting a forgiving trail because our hares might be out of practice – we havent seen them for a while – then I would politely suggest you might be wrong. Their combined wickedness will, I’m sure, take us on an enjoyable journey through areas hitherto unknown to the rest of us.

There is plenty to go at, with pathways and bridges reopened and shiggy-a-plenty in the surrounding fields. Tarmac and mud, a perfect combination.

Don’t be shy now. The change to summer hours is encouraging hibernating hashers to swell our numbers to around 30 and this week might also include Pinky, Perky and Joker; watch in awe as they dash past keeping up with the FRBs.

The start venue has been a constant welcoming pub, made more attractive by the good beers they serve. The perfect location to meet and chat with your friends and hash family (Janet Royce).

Come along and join us; its the real thing, not simply a dress rehearsal!

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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