Monday 24th June, Trail #2580. The hash trail this week starts and ends from:

Chez Daglocks and Oey, Grove Barn, Main Street, Grendon Underwood, HP18 0SJ.

Park on Main Street – not on drive please.

What3words: fatigued.paler.evolution

Meet for a 7.00pm off with Daglocks as your hare.

This week, we have a House Party! Whoop Whoop!  We thank Daglocks and Oye for their very kind invitation to join them at theirs. Please please please though – be considerate to their neighbours and shared access drive – and park on main street – thank you.

We’re sure to be in for a fantastic evening, so put your best feet forward and join us!

Now – we have to talk about Grendon (Underwood).

There’s a few things to say about Grendon Underwood, and depending upon your interests, there’s bound to be something of interest! Besides the beer, good company and outdoor romp.

Originally, it was named ‘Green Hill near a Wood’ and then the name got appended with ‘Underwood’ in medieval times to differentiate it from ‘Long Crendon’. They must have been Easily Confused (a distant relative of mine) back in the day (I can sympathise) …

In 1642, William Shakespeare whilst out on a hash got lost while looking for Long Credon (he was supposed to be good with words – but it didn’t help him) and gave up the trail and happened to stay in a house in Grendon Underwood – which was back then an Inn (not the On-In) – but to celebrate this Hash mishap is now called ‘Shakespeare House’ – in 2012 it became a five star guest house, grade ii listed. And all because WS followed a false trail. Amazing!

Grendon Hall, during the 2nd World War was ‘Station 53a’, and home to the Special Operations Executive (SOE).  This was an Elite unit, of underground saboteurs who specialised in creating havoc and mayhem behind enemy lines.  Much like our RAs of modern times today. 

Finally, it’s worth shedding a tear for Grendon Underwood. Despite a promising rise in annual festivals (known as GrendON) [they do like messing around with their words!], from early days in 2006 with 300 people, 2010 saw 2,000 people, but then the estimated 4,000 attendees didn’t make it in 2012 when it was cancelled due to flooding. It was then set for a comeback in 2014, but scaled back to just 2 acts, and again in 2014 it was expecting a mega-festival in 2016 – but that also got postponed.

If anyone asks me, I might offer a re-name suggestion of…

GrendON (maybe/maybe-not) On On’.

Do you get it?

I know – genius!



Easily LED


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