Monday 10th June, Trail #2578. The hash trail this week starts and ends from:

The Pear Tree Inn, Scotland End, Hook Norton, Banbury, OX15 5NU.

Meet for a 7.00pm off with Preacher and Grunt as your hares.

A real picture of a real pub for real people – we will have no trouble here…!

Until that is, I asked my new (and not improved) friend DAL-E-3, brought together by my match making friend Co-Pilot.

Here’s how our conversation went – and what I have to share with you… don’t be alarmed!  No beer, dogs, flour or trail r*nners were harmed (or spoiled) during the following spurious creativity. Feel free to hit delete or read on for amusement and a sleep induced coma.

I asked DAL-E-3

“Create an image of a group of friends out in the country, following a flour trail and all having fun”

A pretty good reflection of our usual hash, but I was sure we could do better…flour and not flower for a start!

“Negotiating nettles, mud and puddles, and a could of dogs in the pack, but all having fun”

But still we could do better I thought…  DAL-E-3 wasn’t really getting it.

“With lots of beer!”

And so – we move to this…

A backward step? We we’re getting somewhere I thought!

“It’s Hook Norton Beer” I added.

We arrived at this…

What happened to my happy r*nners?  – led me back to here….

Not strictly realistic, I thought, and DAL-E-3 was thinking the same, I could tell…

When I asked for ‘more realistic pictures’ – it took a bad turn…  It almost started to look like a proper / official r*n.  It was going in the wrong direction…?  A FALSE TRAIL – DAL-E-3 was not on-on.


Far too serious…

I went back to ‘More beer and less serious’.  It looked promising… but I think DAL-E-3 was humouring me!


Now we are getting there – definitely a ‘maybe’ although I never thought I would say it – too much flour! Is that even possible?!?

“We need Preacher and Grunt as our Hares!”

I thought I had lost DAL-E-3, that he/she/they wouldn’t be able to keep up, that they might have missed the ‘essence’ of the hash…  the strange camaraderie, the jovial nature of the trail, the false trails, the f*ck ups, the down downs… and I was right.


I called it a day, said my goodbyes to DAL-E-3 and quietly concluded it was maybe not a good idea to try and describe a BH3 hash in AI generated form.

If you know me though, I am not one to give up easy. I might be Easily LED, but I am never easily beaten! I gave it one last go…


Nailed it!



Easily LED


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