Monday 6th May, Trail #2573. The hash trail this week starts and ends from:

The Bell Inn, High Street, Adderbury, Banbury, OX17 3LS.

Meet for a 7.00pm off with Dormobile as your hare.

This week’s hash is as close as you can get to the magic Star Wars date of May
the 4th – unless you go back to 2020 or forward to 2026. In either
case, your talents are clearly wasted searching for pubs in time – and you
would most likely be at the wrong pub for the hash.

Disclaimer: if you choose to go forward or back in time, then neither BH3 nor I can
be held responsible for any funny looks you get, or for missing our next planned

So, in homage to Star Wars, the invite to this week’s trail (I keep wanting
to write r*n, but I can do better than that…) will be in the style of Star

Episode #2573 – A New Trail of Flour Awakens

A long time ago, in a galaxy far away…

Turmoil has erupted in Maids Moreton.
The ‘Friends’ of Maids Moreton have awoken, and been posting about strange
sightings of white powder, the trademark symbol of the Rebel Alliance. The
Empire is stirring and will not let this go unpunished.

“Nice of them to tell us!” they say, “What about the children and animals?
There’s sheep and even baby lambs in those fields!”. “They’ve also put the
flour on top of the styles – right where your hand goes… unbelievable – so stupid!”…”
Loads of it in Buckingham too”…

“It’s only flour, I spotted them laying it the other day” – “I think it’s mostly
harmless?” >> “ but that’s not the point – what right do they have to do
that! – I was really worried – and you know that’s not like me Jackie!”

[note: Jackie is a ‘pretend’ name for GDPR
purposes – but the comments are real…Amazing – I could read them all day long!]

“I guess I’ll have to go and clean it off myself then – I don’t think they
will be back to do it!”

Sensing the growing unease from the Empire, the Rebel Alliance (aka BH3) has
fled the MK18 Beer System and set course – traveling light years – to regroup in
the Banbury OX17 Outer Rim, and to a peaceful and little known village of Adderbury.

The new Rebel Alliance base, cunningly disguised as a pub (funny that) is
known to the locals as ‘The Old Bell’. For complete disguise and deception, the
base has been trading as a pub since the 17th century, with sworn allegiance to the Hook Norton Ale Brewery. It has also been the home to a strange English folk game known as Aunt
Sally – who is actually Princess Lea’s long lost mother’s sister.

A once promising and humble hasher has recently been recruited by the
Empire, to lay a trail of flour and set traps to tempt the Rebel Alliance away
from their new safe haven. His name is Dormobile, tormented by his time spent too
close to Maids Moreton and rejected by the ‘Buckingham What Matters FB Group’ –
is now torn between the Jedi Council (BH3 mismanagement) and the Dark Side (false
trails). Will he be kind and helpful, or has he turned and it’s too late to
save him. Only time will tell…

Help me OB1-Kanobe (that’s you!) you’re my only hope.

Let the humble flour be your guide, but beware – there is real disturbance
in the force. You must use all of your powers wisely to safely follow the true
path to beer and glory. The Rebel Alliance is counting on you, and you must
count 3 or 4 dobs to confirm your On (the debate – is it 3 or 4 will never die).
Do not get caught in any tractor beams, shiggy or be seduced by the Evil Empire
(Friends of Maids Moreton).

Your Luke Skywalker and Hans Solo (aka Thrifty and Maraschino) have played a
few rounds with Aunt-Sally and are ready to save the day! They (may) show you the
light and the way, or will they shout you a down down – should you turn off
your targeting system early.  Use the
force – Luke!

Red 5 standing by…

WHAT’S NOT TO LIKE? (It remains, and always will be the best time to ask it)
[Another royalty payment due to Thrifty G]. It’s our favourite phrase,
for a BH3 hash.

Anyone new to BH3 and who happens to stumble upon this post. I’m sorry, help
is at hand and you are now 2nd in the queue – and if that doesn’t
work – you are very welcome to join us!


Easily LED


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