After a fabulous trail in Wytham Woods (many thanks Sir Bollard and Dormie) what is a hare to do? Well, I can tell you, its to try and plan a trail without hills; easy peasy.

Prepare for squelches and damp trainers as you try and follow a trail in the lowlands of Oxfordshire. Here you will find flood plains and meadows to delight us all – if only we weren’t r*nning through them. Ignore the tug or war rope by the river which is used in many local inter village rivalries and be content that its not you being dragged down the river bank and into the river. The hare is kind!

Or maybe not.

I have a cunning plan; I hope it works and I hope you enjoy an evening of pleasure for both r*nners and walkers alike, rounded off by some good ales with your friends in a fabulous welcoming pub.

False trails await; what’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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