The End Is Nigh!

Yes, its our last trail in August, and the slots have been filled with hares for the remaining Monday Evening r*ns this season. SO, PLEASE start thinking about how you can lay a trail for your fellow hashers in October (and onwards) when our Sunday morning trails begin.

I must say that Preacher seems upset about something….

Anyway, here we have a perfect opportunity to gather at a lovely pub with great publicans that know hashers – they were previously at the Chandon Arms in Oakley and the Bull and Butcher, Ludgershall.

Beware though.

Maraschino’s webbed feet have sprouted again as he treads the ground of his childhood; so expect surprises – and false trails.

Sounds tempting? The only way to discover the truth is to join us all on yet another splendiferous evening of hashing and fun.

Hashers, beers, friends, good venue. What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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