Joint trail with N.E.W. Cotswold Hash House Harriers.

Sunday 5th March.

Trail #2522. The Old Swan, Old Minster, OX29 0RN. Dipstick is your hare. Meet for an 11.00”off”.


Here we go then with our western cousins from the Cotswolds.

If you read N.E.W. Cotswold Hash House Harriers exploits on FB you will see that they also have a jolly good time on their trails AND often enjoy a meal afterwards; advance notice of requiring food is suggested!

But lets get back to Dipstick and his trail. Last week he advised us (quietly!) in the circle that there would be a variety of choices; short and long walkers trails and the same for the r*nners though a longer trail is on the cards! So be it.

Near to Witney – BUT STILL IN OXFORDSHIRE –  will be an overall surprise for most of BH3, but let that be an encouraging sign. Dippy likes to be adventurous with his trails, so there may be water involved, and even a bit of flour. Have a look at a map and see the fantastic surroundings, rivers, streams, ponds and amazing countryside available to us. I know Dippy will have laid an interesting trail for this exciting combined hash. 

The question of course will be the markings being used; what kind of checks will he use? Will our credit cards work so far away? And what about Wi-Fi (for those technology cheats on the trail!) And, most importantly, what will the beer be like?

All these challenges are there for our RA’s to ponder upon in their pronouncements in the circle; who will be the innocents and who will be the guilty?

If that’s not enough to provoke your interest then I don’t know what will. Come join a band of mutual friends from 2 x hashes and have some fun. 

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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