When our good friend and hasher Steve Goodenough (Shagger) passed, he made arrangements for his number plate FRB to be sold – it was bought by Dipstick.

What you may not realise is that Shagger also made arrangements to celebrate his passing in style by having a wake; he bequeathed funds to that effect. Thanks to those funds and the work of Bollard (Bob Green) and Dingaling (Bob Cox) we are now able to announce a time and date – see below.

For Bicester H3 hashers, please contact Dingaling (Bob Cox) as shown if you wish to attend.

OnOn to Shagger’s wake.

Thrifty Gaffer

Wake / Celebration in memory of

 Steve (Shagger) Goodenough

Sunday 12th September 2021

From 10.30 to 15.00 hrs

AT Bletchington Sports & Social Club

Oxford Rd, Bletchington OX5 3BS

10.00 Helpers arrive

10.30 Guests start arriving

11.00 Hash trails start( 2 runs & a walk)

12.00 Bar opens

12.30 Hash trails finished and Buffet opens

13.00 Speeches by Family & Friends

13.30 Socialising, drinking & eating

15.00 Bar closes

ONE FREE DRINK & Free buffet courtesy of Shagger.

Places are limited to 60 guests

Please book your place as early as possible

BH3 book your places via Bob Cox/Dingaling

Email: bobby.cox@btinternet.com

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