Thank you Dogloss for stepping up to the mark and filling the slot for a hare; PLEASE ALL OF YOU READING THIS get your names down for the coming months.

I know very well that Dogloss was trying to find a venue unused for quite a while but as many of us know there are pub closures every week and the place he wanted is currently closed. The Bull and Butcher is not one of those under threat and is a very lively and successful place, so come and enjoy the beer that is part of their offering.

It’s an area where we have had many successful trails (there aren’t many places we haven’t tried) but with the proven skill of our hare we know that we have to expect the unexpected. Hills are close by with woods and lakes; its the perfect setting for a Sunday Morning constitutional.

The weather forecast is good; the hare is good; the beer will be good; and the friendship of your fellow hashers will be very good.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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