Trail #2449. Sunday 19th December. The Blinking Owl, Main St, North Newington, Banbury OX15 6AE. Your hare is Preacher.

Stepping up to the mark and saving the day, a big THANK YOU to Preacher for filling this hole in our calendar. No undue pressure was exerted, and Preacher tells me his twisted arm will soon heal…🤔

We havent been in this area for a while, yet it is not too far away from Bicester. If you know this area – just to the west of Banbury – you will be familiar with the myriad of trails and opportunities for a cunning hare; et voilà!

Preacher has recently moved to Banbury and is in the midst of important work preparations – a very busy schedule. So lets show our appreciation 🙌 – and the desire for a good pint 🍺 – by having a really good pre-Xmas turnout.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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