Sunday 2nd January 2022. Trail # 2451. The hare is Beerstop. Meet at Chez Beerstop, (Stuart Carder) for an 11.00 “off”.

Chez Beerstop, 
Lodge Farm 
Oxfordshire OX26 1XA 

For some reason Beerstop has already mentioned the need for wellingtons or a change of footwear!🤔

Start the new year off with a squelch as we enjoy the hospitality of a relatively dry meeting point for our first trail in 2022; lets hope the GM can find his way there this time.

The plumbing firm of Curtis and Carder have been saving up all their leaks of 2021 to present our beloved hashers with what they enjoy most; shiggy! Tap into the enjoyment of the trail and bathe in the luxury of a personally designed spa mud treatment without the associated cost! The hash is nothing if not generous and kind.

We’ll have a great time – and there will be no short-cut lifts on 4×4 for Technicolour Horn (Janet Royce) this Sunday. Its what we have all been waiting for and is precisely the right note to start off our 2022 year.

What’s not to like?

OnOn 👣

Thrifty Gaffer

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