“Keep it local” they said – just in case the flour needs replacing after possible rain! Now why would anyone say that?😂

But here we are, after last weeks overland epic. Long straights are “out” and the hares are being more considerate to the senior section of the hash, at least that’s the theory.

Sunday 3rd March (yes, its March already!) Trail #2564 at the Plough, Church St, Marsh Gibbon, Bicester, OX27 0HQ. Meet for an 11.00 start with your quartet of hares Duchess, Ready Salted, Dobbie and Styles. 

4 lots of hares = 4 x as much enjoyment🤔???

If you believe that, then this trail is specially for you.🐖✈️.

Right, lets get serious. Bicester Hash has a trail right on its doorstep and even Monkey Glands and Takeaway don’t need to argue about who is driving; no excuse for refusing down downs either. The area is prime for footpaths, and there are even some hills for Shitstix, so everyone is catered for. (Bondage?)

Last visit here was great, soon after the pub opened, and its going from strength to strength. There’s a good selection of beers, so everyone will be happy, and the restaurant is serving good food (but not at £10.00 a pop – good job last week Clippety and Dogloss!).

We are closing in on the final few trails for Sunday mornings before moving to our Monday slot; THERE IS STILL SOME AVAILABILITY FOR HARES LATER IN THE MONTH, SO PLEASE STEP FORWARD AND VOLUNTEER.

Until Sunday then when we can all enjoy fun, frolics and friends. What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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