Flippin ‘eck – as Biggles would say – you’re right on my doorstep. No excuses then mate…

It’s some time since we’ve been out here and the trails are usually a run(a)way success; yes it’ll be plane sailing for all involved.

Don’t expect a short trail either, there’s bound to be some long stretches, and maybe even some flour for checks. I know that Dogloss has searched for one of our less frequented venues and this could not be better.

I’m sure we will all enjoy it, but first we have to park up and that will require all hashers to double up their cars in the pub car park. The landlady has requested this, but is also looking forward to seeing us there; BONUS!

Biggles has checked his local out several times and has reported good beer being served, so that is something to aim for after the trail.

After the success of Grunt’s trail last week Dogloss will have a big challenge to meet. So let’s give it our best shot and get “reet good crowd” out this Sunday.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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