Yep, its that morning after feeling that is included “free”with your ticket to the Posh Do.

Sunday 7th April, your hare is Maraschino at the Nightingale, 10 Nightingale Place, Bicester,  OX26 6XX.  Meet for an 11.00 off for trail #2569.

Formal dress is obligatory – shorts, vest and trainers, penguins are definitely not welcome. So plan your arrival carefully as you sip that final glass of port on your evening out and make sure you allow enough time for your Sunday morning commitments.

The trail will be marked in flour, not Campbells Condensed Vegetable Soup as some wise person has suggested. Its now only a question of which way our hare will take us and whether our progress will be blocked by yet another unforeseen set of road works in Bicester.

But fear not, the ‘Hare’ of the Dog awaits – with true vengeance- for those still continuing the 50TH Celebrations. For the mere mortals amongst us then coffee is available with an extra “groan” on the side as though in sympathy.

It remains only to pose the unanswerable conundrum of “What’s not to like”?

OnOn fellow hashers.

Thrifty Gaffer

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