Sunday 12th November. Trail #2548. ALSO OUR REMEMBRANCE DAY TRAIL. Meet at the Ben Johnson, Northampton Road, Weston on the Green, OX25 3RA – BEFORE 11.00 am – for our normal two minutes silence before the off.

What can I say? It’s all bandages and fractures, and some is not even hash related.

First, the hash sends its commiserations to Down There for the nasty fall she had recently (not on a hash)which has resulted in quite a serious injury. All we can say is “Get well soon” and take care.

Next, we have to take pity on the digitally challenged Home Alone who injured her hand last week. We send our sympathy to Homie and hope that she is still able to hold one of the pints she so dearly loves.

It was slippy last week, so it would be remiss not to urge all hashers to take care when out and about enjoying yourselves.

It’s a serious time all around the world and so it becomes more important to remember the fallen as we traditionally do before the start of the hash; we hope to see a good turnout of poppy wearers.

It’s a time for reflective thought both about the past and the future. We can look forward to enjoying ourselves on, and after, the hash because of what has gone before.

Finally, Dormie has asked me to request all those going on our away weekend to be present at this hash. There is “kit” to be distributed and taken to the Isle of Wight so please turn up. If you can OR ask another to collect the kit on your behalf.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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