Monday 13th September, Trail #2434. Marsh Gibbon Village Hall, Clements Ln, Marsh Gibbon, Bicester OX27 0HG. Monkey Glands and Take Away are your hares. The off is 7 pm. (maybe bring a torch, just in case)

Wellingtons at the ready!

That’s the bit that excites Monkey Glands as he and Take Away prepare for Monday Night’s excitement.

There is plenty of parking available as we trek over the border in the slightly risky environment of Bucks. “Where is the beer?” I hear you ask. Well, Monkey Glands is doing his best Mae West impression as he invites you to “pop up and see me sometime”. YES we have a pop up bar for our activities.

Since both village pubs are closed which would normally deny us access to some fab trails, our two hares have have thought out of the box for our absolute enjoyment; what a result. 

There are no hills.

There is no shiggy.

Its totally flat and dry.


What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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