Saddle up then! Get out your stirrups and be ready for a rough ride, chaps!

Clippety Clogs  – oh, and Dogloss – will be setting the Gymkhana trail for your delight this week. Sunday 9th January 2022, trail #2452. Meet for 11.00 off.

The Fat Landlord,
29 Church St,
Brackley NN13 5QJ

With a name like that we thought the trail was from the Bull in Launton, but Brandon says no! (apologies later…)

But there it is. We nagged the both of them to set a trail, and after a bit of horsing around, bridling at the very idea of co-ercion, they have reined in their objections and done what is required. It will be a right mare of a trail…..

Enough already! I leave you with a quote from Clippety:- “Next sundays hash from helmdon. Pub: the fat landlord. Sunday roast on for any hungry hashers interested. Trail: … surprise!!” Now, if that doesn’t intrigue you I would serioiusly check for a pulse!

Of course, pre trail, please check for Covid! But once clear, look forward to a great day out with good beer and friends; it’s what hashing is all about.

What’s not to like?



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