Monday 11th April. Trail # 2465. Your hare is Ovett and the trail will start from the Pheasant, 39 Windmill St, Brill, Aylesbury HP18 9TG at 7.00pm.

Ovett will be laying the trail with military precision; anyone misbehaving will probably face Corporal Punishment (could be a new hash name for someone?).

Well, you know the form by now. Probably. Down the hill from Brill windmill and then back up again. But its not as simple as that because Ovett is devious, and there are multiple possible paths as I learnt from Amnesia a few years ago when we set a trail from Oakley.

So beware!

I’ve personally not known a bad trail from this pub, and what is more we can expect Brill Gold, Gravitas, and Landlord for “afters” – thats if Home Alone doesn’t get there first and drink it all. Now that Homie is JM we can expect her and TomTom to be getting into all sorts of mischief.

So there you have it. Our dedicated hare is taking time off on Monday afternoon to make sure we all have a cracking time.

Turn up, enjoy the trail, see your friends, greet the new Mismanagement team.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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