Monday 23rd May, Trail #2471. Your hare is Reined On and the venue is Kirtlington Golf Club, Kirtlington, Kidlington OX5 3JY. The off is at 7 pm.

There are so many potential golfing jokes that I have decided to spare you all the pain and grief of trying to understand them; sometimes I dont even understand them myself. Guess I’m handicapped in that respect.

So, we have a very special venue where Reined On has used her influence to give us all a great evening. And we have special dispensation for dogs provided they are on a lead.

Rumour has it that Reined On was so concerned that OH3 would be tinkering with her own plans for  a trail (they were in Bletchingdon this week) that she even went on the OH3 hash just to be sure. Such dedication to the finer details will ensure we have a superb time next Monday.

Your friends will be there; there is great countryside, good weather and even beer that Home Alone cannot possibly reject.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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