Can I be bothered with lots of Dentist jokes and puns that Lockie has heard oft times before? No, but I might do an amalgam of them as a bit of a filler..I know its a bit of a shame, all of you say ahhhh..

We haven’t been there since L’Etcher laid his trail 4 years ago; wouldn’t it be great if L’Etcher (William Ratty) joined us again tonight?

I did chat with Lockie when he confirmed his location and I really do wish I was with you all tonight. Its almost home territory for Maraschino so, if you hear him say “I know where we’re going” then I’d believe him. However, if you heard Dingaling say the same, then…..

You’ve got the weather. You’ve got the location. You’ve got the devious hare. You’ve got fellow hashers.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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