Yes, a live trail used to be the domain of Pheasant Plucker who allegedly was not confident about pre-laying a trail; now look at the quality of trails she sets.

There’s the challenge boys, with a bit of practice you too (two) can develop like PP. (No silly comments please)

But enough of that because the two lads have decided they fancied a LIVE TRAIL and so the scene is set.

They will set off 10 minutes before the pack and will try and fool us into getting lost. Rumour has it that they are hoping that some remnants of OH3 Wednesday trail will still be present to add further confusion! 

So there you have it, a trail with a difference, and a challenge. Let’s build on our continued success as we move forward into the real summer season.

There are warm sunny evenings with a decent beer just waiting for us at the end of our trails; and of course the chance to chat with all our friends.

Indeed, what’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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