Monday 24th May; meet for a 7pm start at the Shakespeare.

Do you know where you are going on Monday? We don’t know either!


Its another live trail from Pheasant Plucker.

You can actually call this trail “rubbish” right from the start because PP will be using her daily skils to take you all around Bicester; it will be a wheelie good trail. We love it!

The usual Covid rules apply before and after please. But meet for the 7pm “off” at the Shakespeare Pub, Bowmont Square, Bicester OX26 2GJ.

Special note; Dingaling you can stay on the bus from Oxford right to the pub!

Please bring change for tick if you can.

To be, or not to be? Find out with Bicester H3 on Monday.

Thrifty Gaffer

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