Sunday 11th September, trail #2487. Gadget Tunc Osman Eresen can be the focus of your ire as he is the hare from the fabulous Saye and Sele Arms, Main Rd, Broughton, Banbury OX15 5ED. Meet for a refreshing 11.00 am off, no torches required.

Gadget volunteered well in advance for this trail and everything is set to welcome us at the pub.


Please do not go to the pub for the start. We need to go just a short distance away on Wykham Lane to the village hall parking where we will start the trail and finish at the pub; this allows the pub to have parking for the diners that most pubs need to survive. We are most welcome at the pub afterwards for drinkies.🍻🍺

Some hashers may become confused after last weeks trail when they actually see white powder on the ground. This of course is flour and you are expected to follow it as a trail and not listen to incoherent instructions from a hare whose trail has been washed away.

A new beginning then.

But the friends remain the same. Join them in daylight and see what they really look like.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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