It’s in Souldern of course! 🤔

Sunday 26th February. Trail # 2511. Dormie (Peter Dormobile VanDe Kerkhof)   is your hare (can we actually say that about him?🤓)and the venue is the Fox Inn, Fox Lane, Souldern, OX27 7JW.Meet for an 11.00 off.

Of course, after trying to have a bit of fun with Dormie then the boot will be on the other foot after the trail. I think he has been planning this trail for quite a while in an area that he knows well, so we’d better watch out.

This beautiful little village still has a pub, and a good one at that. The beer is excellent so Home Alone will be happy, and last time I was there I believe that even had gluten free beer available, so maybe even Dingaling will be satisfied.

However, all that is for after the trail, and we have to contend with the location for the start. All is downhill from there, with a variety of routes from which Dormie can choose his cunning plan. Checks, falsies, OnOns, they will all figure in Sunday’s fun. And when we get to the bottom of the hills we have to come up again; what joy!

But as we head towards the last few Sunday trails of winter, it is worth reflecting on our growing numbers; this trail is within our own manor, so to speak, and so we should have a great turnout for Sunday. 

Greater numbers = greater fun.

Greater numbers = more misdemeanours = more down downs; Come and make our RAs work for once in a while.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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