Monday 17th June, Trail #2579. The hash trail this week starts and ends from:

The Lion, Wendelbury Road, Wendlebury, OX25 2PW5.

Meet for a 7.00pm off with Buttocks as your hare.

What a beautiful pub for all you beautiful people!

It’s official – the website for the Lion declares this to be the absolute classic country pub, where dogs are welcome, and where the sun always shines on the hare and the hashers.

Despite the EUFA 2024 likely to be in full swing – Buttocks will ensure that we’re all in full swing out and about and up and down dales, main street, back street, upstream and downstream – no stone left unturned.

Now the big questions for this week – after last week’s trail…are as follows…

Will Buttocks be kind and lead us up the garden path or dastardly and lead us through the wicked nettle valleys?

Will there be flour?

Will there be false trails that take us to another time dimension?

Will there be enough beer to quench our thirst at the end of the trail?

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes! Be prepared for anything, even for the sun to be out – you never know!



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