Sunday 14th January, trail #2557. Dingaling is the hare at the Red Lion, Old Marston.

After a few weeks of being cocooned with trails close to home, Bicester H3 Hash House Harriers are daring to raise their heads above the parapets and move towards the treacherous marshlands of Oxford. OH3 you are duly notified – and invited.

Sunday 14th January2024, trail # 2557.  Dingaling is your hare, meet at The Red Lion, 42 Oxford Road, Old Marston, Oxford, OX3 0PH for an 11.00 start.


There are no rules on the hash, so whether you take notice of an “advance warning” is completely up to you; Dingaling has advised that the wearing of bathing attire is recommended, I personally don’t thinks wellingtons will do the job. 🩳🩱

But there you have it. Waterproof flour at the ready, Dingaling will plan to take us through all kinds of varied terrain to ensure we get our weekly Sunday dose of lost hashers.

Personally, I must say that it is now an absolute treat to hear the hash horn on our outings; last week we even had two; does that count as stereo hashing? 🎺 🎺But with that melodious sound hanging in the air there is really no excuse for straying from the trail – that is if only out Hash Horn(s) are fast enough to be at the front of the pack; hmmmm.🤔

That’s only my opinion, but at least it warrants the rest of you to try and experience the joy of a reborn core aspect of the hash; we have Monkey Glands and Sniffer to thank for showing us the way forward at the Xmas dinner.

Come and see – or even listen- to what I’m talking about. Join all your friends this Sunday for a delightful day in Oxford while avoiding congestion charges. And the beer is excellent at the Red Lion.

What’s not to like?

OnOn 👣

Thrifty Gaffer

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