A quick series of “Thank Yous” after yesterday’s trail and AGM.

Thank you to Maraschino as the hare; you did wonderfully well with just one bag of flour; very enjoyable.

Thank you to the Mismanagement team for the previous year through difficult times, 
Welcome to the new Mismanagement team, whose names have been withheld to protect the innocent, but also because they may not yet know who they are.

Thank you to those poor long suffering hashers who have endured the absolute rubbish spewing from the RA’s mouth during the circle, and to those (eg Sniffer) who have been punished with down downs simply because they were breathing.

And to Brandon (Hand Job) who was inaugurated into the hall of fame on the basis that it was the RAs final circle and somebody had to suffer; seems fair enough.

Anyway, we have a new 12 months ahead of us which may involve the use of dresses and false boobs; I’m just going off what Dobby was saying, as well as realising the grave mistake we may now have made.

But to all, we are a strong group of hashers, made even greater by the  numbers that turn up and the great variety of trails that we lay.
Get your name down with Marschino and volunteer as hares for trails including, and after, the 25th April.

After all, what’s not to like?


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