Hashy Hi to all Bicester H3 hashers!

We will be holding our AGM on Monday 4th April at the Bull in Launton. This will be our first Monday/evening r*n (Thanks Maraschino) of the year after which we will hold the AGM in the pub (Thanks Brandon).

This is an important opportunity for you to become more involved in the r*nning of our club as part of the Mismanagement team. We have a steady membership and a healthy turnout for our trails, so the input of all our members is invaluable for the continued success of our club.
Just to recap, the current positions on the Mismanagement team are:-

Grand MasterTurnpike
Joint MasterCunning Linguist
Joint MasterF’in Skippy
HonSecThrifty Gaffer
Religious AdvisorThrifty Gaffer
Religious Advisor (Dep)Shit Stix
Hash StatsDingaling
Hash TickDingaling
Hare RazorMaraschino
Hash CashReined On
Hash HaberdashDormobile
Hash WebmasterGrunt

ALL of the positions are open to every member of the hash; it isnt scary because there is lots of help available to everyone who wishes to put their name forward.

If you want to know more about what is involved, then just contact any of the Mismanagement team and we will help.


Come along to the AGM and see who the new team is.

We of course are grateful to those who have been in office during these difficult times; some may wish to continue to support the hash in their current roles; its up to YOU.

Just come along to the AGM and be part of the process.

See you there.

The Mismanagement Team.

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