I’m sure this will come as no surprise to all our hashy friends out there.

Our GM and myself had a meeting to discuss our responsibilities with regards to the safety of the hash.

In line with Government guidelines, as well as considering what other hash kennels are doing, we have decided that we must immediately suspend our hash activities at Bicester H3 for the coming 4 weeks. That means – as of this date – that our next real hash will take place on Monday 20th April. This date will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.

The intervening hashes will all be cancelled; I am sure you also realise that this will include the AGM. We therefore propose to continue with the same Mismanagement until such time as we are able to organise an EGM which will take the hash forward for the next 12 months.

In the meantime your GM has suggested that individuals might like to organise their own hash trails and post the results online. We haven’t agreed specifics yet but an idea is to award the best trail as being the # hash for the week so as to continue the sequence of hash runs. Any other suggestions gratefully received.

It will be sad not to see everybody over the coming weeks but we wish to thank everybody for their understanding in these difficult times. All I can say – on behalf of Dormie, myself and the rest of Mismanagement is:-



Thrifty Gaffer

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