These next two weeks are the final trails on a Monday evening this year; in October we change to Sunday mornings.

Last week – on my trail (doh!) – it was a bit of a challenge because the light faded faster than expected and the hare “short cutted” the trail for the sake of safety.

On the next two weeks the hares are aware of the challenges associated and are planning accordingly; you may want to have a torch with you anyway.

Certainly I would like to make it clear that we have a “virgin” hare (Unrequited) laying the final trail on 25th September at Bloxham. So, two things. The first is to encourage you all to join the trail and support the virgin hare in his endeavours; I know you all will do this and make it a successful evening! The second is to be 100% sure to bring a torch with you to Bloxham as not all the trail will be under street lights.

It’s a great opportunity to reinforce our support for the efforts our hares make and to ensure we all have a great – and safe – outing on our final evening trail of the year.

And finally – have you put your names forward yet for the Sunday trails? 

Looking forward to seeing max turnout over the coming two weeks.


Thrifty Gaffer

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