A Hashy HHHi to all.

As you will all be aware, some of the strict Covid 19 lockdown restrictions are due to be eased, and this will take place at the end of March.

With a view to effective resumption of our hashing activities, Bicester H3 Mismanagement are targeting Monday 12th April as our first day back. This will achieve two purposes:-

   1) This will be the first day the pubs will reopen to allow drinking in the pub garden with certain limitations **

   2)This is the first Monday after Easter, a time which is traditionally very quiet for hashing. We feel therefore that 12th April will maximise the ability of Bicester H3 to get together as many returning hashers as possible.

** I have highlighted the comment about the pubs. There will be legal limitations – strict rules –  as to how people can drink in the pub gardens. Bicester H3 can not accept any responsibility for any activities after the hash ends and hashers must accept personal liability for any decisions to make use of local pubs.

So there it is!

It is likely that Thrifty Gaffer will lay the first trail from King’s Sutton train station BUT please keep an eye open for further confirmation.


We do need volunteers for ongoing trails and so invite all you keen trail-layers to put your names forwards asap initially to me/Dormie/Turnpike or Kip (we will liaise); you know how important it is – no trail, no hash. Simples.

More info to follow, but until then please continue to keep safe.

In excited anticipation of seeing you all.


Thrifty Gaffer – HonSec.

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