You get Dogloss to set the trail! Simples..

Sunday 12th March, trail #2513 at The Rose and Crown,
Main Street, Charlton, Banbury OX17 3DP. Dogloss will be  your hare and the off is at 11.00.

Here we are, after an absence of 10 years. Preacher was the hare at that time; our records show Gadget as the first hare in 2008 – BUT we are certain that hashes were set there before, we just didn’t have Dingaling recording things in an efficient manner (thanks Dingaling).

Just a word of caution, don’t disturb Biggles as he tucks into his Sunday lunch at one off his closest hostelries…

Back to the business in hand. I doubt anyone will remember the previous trails here, so its almost like virgin territory. A quick look at OS maps – which incidentally is not an App that I take with me on a trail, are you listening TomTom? – shows some great possibilities for trails; and there are hills, so don’t believe the hare if he claims his trail to be flat, dry and short.

As we come close to a change of season and trail date to Mondays, lets get behind these last few opportunities to enjoy our Sunday mornings before we revert to just lying comatose in bed. You know you want to…

Even if its just for the beer which is enjoyable (Landlord?) this location is pretty central for everybody, so no excuses for not supporting our hare. 

Looking forward to this relatively new venue and the excellent trail our hare will lay. And for a repeat of the enjoyment we showed we can have last Sunday.

Indeed, what’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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