So. Maybe the stage awaits for all BicesterH3 friends in the coming weeks.

I met a “stranger” outside the Sun Wah yesterday. Although he looked like Monkey Glands, I knew it couldn’t be him because nobody in the queue complained about having their bum or B**lls fondled… Anyway, he remarked that there was no news and no posts recently from BicesterH3 hash, so here we go.

With the potential qualified release from lockdown in July, there is a proposal from a couple of mismanagement to try and start running trails again. Obviously there are many caveats about how to do this, but in essence we’d be grateful for comments/feedback about this proposal.

PLEASE do not make comments about how we move forward as that is another issue; all we’d like to see is if there is a consensus to try and start hashing again.

If the answer is yes, then we need to look at July/August time for this to happen; the first 3 x hash trails will probably be taken care of by the committee. During the early period we would also hope to hold our AGM to vote in new officers and prepare a firm programme for the coming months.

The Mismanagement team would welcome your comments by email or FB as appropriate; we look forward to receiving your views.

OnOn in hashing.


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