Monday 17th May, 7pm at the Nightingale.

As the pubs open up, quick as a flash – well, quicker (by his own admission) than he r*ns on the trail at any rate – Turnpike (Brian Lewis) has sorted a venue for a trail and possible down downs. 😂

Monday 17th May, turn up and meet your friends at the Nightingale, 10 Nightingale Pl, Bicester OX26 6XX. The “off” is 7 pm as usual and please try and bring change of £2.00 for the tick. And YES, Turnpike is the hare.

You know the rules; social distance before and after the trail. If you decide to go in the pub then it is your own decision and not part of the hash.

But that wont stop us enjoying ourselves!

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Monday.


Thrifty Gaffer

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