Well, there’s a sight. Sniffer leaving his comfort zone of Hornton and venturing south into the Adderbury badlands. Below is a picture of Sniffer and friends scoping out the pub….

As we jogged off on the trail last week (yes, before I stopped!!) Sniffer was saying he was looking forward to r*nning again and so here is the proof. And you could not get a better venue for us all to join him.

Of course the off will be downhill, is that right Dingaling? (I always ask him the way as he knows all the routes – but not necessarily in the right order.) Anyway, we will see, but whichever way we go will be great hashing territory; spare a thought when you are out there for our departed hasher “Shagger” whose home territory this was.

We will be back at the pub before you know it, and enjoying some great CAMRA hospitality; this pub has been a winner several times and is always mentioned in the Good Beer Guide; so sit back, enjoy a pint and chat with your friends.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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