Monday 27th May, Trail #2576. The hash trail this week starts and ends from:

The The Shakespeare, Bowmont Square, Bicester, OX26 2GJ.

Meet for a 7.00pm off with Pheasant Plucker as your hare.

This week’s guest invite comes from my new friend GEMINI (GEMINI Pro 1.5 release 2024.05.21 to be precise). It is Google’s answer to ChatGPT – and since we’re at The Shakespeare, I thought I would encourage some appropriate words…


Hie thee, friends, with hearts of love and leisure,

For I proclaim a walk/r*n, a twilight pleasure.

Beneath the cloak of night, when stars ignite,

The Hare a Pheasant Plucker, with secrets they do keep and flour a plenty.

In Bicester’s heart, at seven’s gentle chime,

We’ll meet within the tavern’s warmth and light,

And thence embark on a most verdant climb.

Through fields of emerald and meadows bright,

With laughter tripping on the fragrant breeze,

We’ll chase the sun’s last rays in joyous flight, [and false trails a plenty 😊]

And weave a tapestry of memories with ease.

Come, Montague, come Capulet, come Thrifty, come Maraschino – forget old strife,

Let nature’s balm mend all the wounds of life.

No need for sword or dagger by your side,

Just ‘sensible’ shoes, loyal hounds and spirits open wide.

So raise a glass, cast off all weary woes,

And join this walk/r*n, where friendship brightly glows!

What you need to know about the venue:

Trip advisor rates The Shakespeare as No. 2 out of 12 for Nightlife in Bicester

Last positive review was in April 2023. I don’t know what’s happened since ?

Here is my favourite review:

Great birthday party buffet

Jan 2023 • Friends

We lovely the Shakey. I had my 60th birthday party there, Paul made sure the drinks flowed and we had some music, and the greet guys at Tapas Hermanos in the kitchen did me a wonderful English/ Spanish buffet for all my guests. Proper pub and greet kitchen team.


Anyone new to BH3 and who happens to stumble upon this post. You are very welcome to join us!


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