Monday 22nd April, Trail #2571. The “Goodbye Hand Job and Karen” hash trail at The Bull, Bicester Road, Launton, Bicester, OX26 5DQ. Meet for a 7.00 off with Thrifty Gaffer as your hare.

So, handkerchiefs at the ready as we venture in to yet another change in the matrix. New (old? – that’s you, Dormie 😂) Mismanagement. After 10 years at the pub the landlord and landlady are cashing in their chips; perhaps there may even be some left over for us?

We’ll keep you guessing until after the trail, but of course with a hare like Thrifty we will actually keep you guessing while you are on the trail.

You would think that having trails over the past two weeks so close to Launton that we would have exhausted all possible options for a trail; WRONG (at least I hope so)

Come and discover the places that you think you have been; Dingaling will let you know the truth of the matter.

Obviously the trail will be flat and dry and the weather suitably enjoyable; I can say that in all truthfulness because that’s the responsibility of the RA and of course that will be me and Maraschino.

Which means you will no longer have to suffer the inane drivel of Thrifty Gaffer as Hon Sec since Easily Led is henceforth taking over; that’s a relief.

Indeed, its never been a better time to ask “what’s not to like?”


Thrifty Gaffer (retired)

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