We are still recovering from the exciting, and rather fast, trail that PP laid last week. It was over 5 miles (according to Dingaling) so probably about two miles and the rest were falsies.

So, anticipating we would not notice in our state of utter exhaustion, the two hares have sneaked us over the county lines and into the wild shire of Buckinghamshire! Can you believe it?

It’s a virgin trail as well, so we will be entering the unknown as we tread the footpaths and bye ways on the outskirts of Aylesbury. Anything goes – and probably will – as the skilled trailmeisters lead us on a pleasant evening’s jaunt.

Down downs have great potential in the garden where we can all laugh and joke about the trail and who did what, according to our very truthful RAs. You know it’s fun with your friends.

What’s not to like?



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