Following all the abuse I received after last weeks trail – prompted by the photos from that paparazzi favourite aka Turnpike – I was uncertain whether to publish this or not. But being the nice fella that I so obviously am I have relented to support one of the BH3 favourite hashers.

It’s been good to see Turnpike back over recent weeks, and the joy will continue as we try and follow one of his well planned trails. Keeping his effort to the minimum, TP will parade us around Langford village and the surroundings in the hope of getting hashers lost and upping the total of the down downs. So you have been warned!

As a quick note to all, the pre-notifications for the hash will be fairly brief and perfunctory over the coming couple of months as I become immersed in harvest work for my employer. The upside is that TP is posting some great images after the trails which in encouraging comments and involvement from many hashers.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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