Trail #2433. Monday 6th September. “off” at 7 pm, Syresham Sports and Social Club. Your hare is Thrifty Gaffer (Hooray did I hear you say??)

Appropriate venue – Bicester Hash House Harriers are nothing if not social.

High Street
NN13 5HL

Just two miles after Brackley.

And as if to emphasise the point Bicester H3 are hoping for some MKH3 to join us. WELCOME.

The venue is just under 15 miles from Bicester so well within our area of operations; thats not to say the trail won’t take you further away- who knows? Come and find out.

The venue has been “scoped” out and is open 7 days a week. Great facilities, so no more “wild wees”.

And there are some interesting paths and trails to follow, all open for easy access and passage – don’t get too excited Monkey Glands!

Its been a great return to full operations over recent weeks and I understand that MKH3 will resume soon; lets have a good turnout to show our cousins to the east what they have been missing.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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