Sunday 22nd October, trail #2345. Meet for an 11.00 start at the Hook Norton Brewery, – OVERFLOW CAR-PARK, – Brewery Lane, Hook Norton OX15 5NY. Thrifty Gaffer is your hare.

Well, I tried for the use of the Visitor Centre and Bar, but things are so busy there that it was impossible; so you’ll have to make do with just the smell of hops and a few excellent drinks after the trail at the Pear Tree. This is basically the brewery tap and just a short walk from the overflow car-park, BUT please do park at the brewery for the start of the trail. Hook Norton have bent over backwards to try and accommodate us and we have the use of the marquee in the pub grounds.

I can only say that the trail on a map looks like the hare has already been to the brewery! Perhaps I should lay he trail in hops?

Anyway, I apologise to Preacher in advance as he has set trails from here before and I have stolen it from him; the last one was 2019 so any recollections of the way his trail went will have been lost in the feeble minds of the older hashers. 

Anyway, where was I 😎? Oh yes, the r*nners trail will cross the walkers trail and hopefully we will all be returning at the same time to enjoy a fabulous pint of Hooky; and there is food if you want it.

I hope you can support the efforts of Alex at Hook Norton to give us this opportunity; we’ve been drinking Hooky from various outlets recently so why not go to the home of good ale and at the same time support your hare (pretty please 🙏).

Enough of the drivel. We have a Sunday morning trail to enjoy with all your hashing family.

What’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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