Our prayers have been answered by nothing less than a Preacher on a Sunday Morning.

Join us for the Hallelujah trail on Sunday 3rd December at the Butchers Arms, 8-10 Whittall St, King’s Sutton, Banbury, OX17 3RD. Trail #2551, Preacher and Grunt are your hares for an 11.00 start.

After the blessing, all you hashers will be set free to roam some cross border territory in Northamptonshire. Do remember please that the pub is down in a valley, so what starts down must go up.

A few cautionary words as well; watch out for trains; watch out for motorway drivers; watch out for deep water. There you have it, the risk assessment has been done.

Make no mistake, there are twists and turns in this area that makes the trail an absolute pleasure so enjoy yourselves under the devious gaze of our two hares; but don’t forget to raise your head from flour-seeking and take in the lovely countryside in which we have the pleasure to hash. Wow!

Then back for a communion cup with your fellow worshippers at a fabulous resting place. Hook Norton beers kept in marvellous condition in a lovely little pub that welcomes sinners like us.

Thus endeth the sermon.

Verily, what’s not to like?


Thrifty Gaffer

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